We have been doing this peculiar work for decades, and it’s hard to know we could call this an art or a laborious craftsmanship, an innate gift of the people working every day on our sofas, or a fruit of years of experience. We are at least certain of one thing: we continually design, build sofas that are made to last and to be experienced, sofas gifted with their own soul, their personality and their story to tell.

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It all began in Italy, in our laboraty based in Forlì. Beyond Gorini sofas there are months of study, tests and adjustments; the paradoxical research for an imperfection that an industrial product will be never able to boast. And rightly so, since any grain, any mark on the leather, any shade of color is a proud witness of the authenticity of our products.



Telling our passion is no easy thing to do: producing a quality sofa means time, patience and dedication, nuances of a craftsmanship which are difficult to condense in a few lines.

Each product preserves a story made of people, knowledge, working hands and choices, all elements capable of making a Gorini sofa a unique sofa

Gorini Talks


Anecdotes, targets and appointments: the company opens its doors, tells its story.

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