Leather is a living resource.
It is constantly shifting in colour, shape, and is entirely unique in its countless characteristics that only an expert eye can pick up on.

For our artisanal sofas we select the highest quality leather, exclusively from Italy, and sourced from certified and eco-friendly producers.

Experience the softness of our leather at your fingertips,
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The load bearing structures – the bones of our sofas and our armchairs – are made of solid fir wood, the innermost and most dense part of the tree. Our infill panels, on the other hand, are made of hardboard (masonite), chosen for its sturdiness and durability, which it acquires naturally through its production process. All of the wood in our products is of European origin and, just like our leather, comes from certified and eco-friendly producers.



The parts of our seats and backrests that need to provide the most comfort are made with sterilized and hypo-allergenic goose down.

Thanks to an innovative multi-chamber padding system, the down is situated in pockets of natural fabric, preventing the down from degrading over time.

The zig-zag layout of these pockets stops the down from lumping up, and allows it to remain evenly distributed for ultimate, ever lasting comfort.



The padding is the soul of our artisanal sofas, for this reason we refuse to settle for a simple polyurethane foam.

Thanks to POLILATEX HT® every time you sit will feel like the first.

Our seats are made of POLILATEX HT®, a high-performance microcellular foam born from the latest biochemical research aimed at finding the highest comfort and best longevity.

In lab tests, POLILATEX HT® has shown high durability over long periods of time, while maintaining its elastic properties, as confirmed by test with 75,000 compression cycles.

POLILATEX HT® is a product of Olmo Group, an industry leader in the expanded polyurethane sector, at the forefront of research and development.