Just like the needles weaving through our leather, Gorini’s roots grow deeper with time.

Just like many stories of artisans in our region, our story is one born of passion.

Craftsmanship, experience, know-how, and the desire to always do better are all ingredients in a recipe that is near and dear to the heart of Italian businesses.

Gorini’s journey began with an idea, a handful of leathers, and the desire to create something authentic: a sofa that would contain within it the dedication of our founders, and that could communicate this dedication through its comfort.

Much like any journey, ours was shaped by the many steps along the way, and it’s thanks to of these steps that we are able to leave a lasting mark on the world of upholstery.



Gorini Divani’s roots are more than a metaphor of the experience we’ve accrued over the years.

Tangible and solid, our roots live deep within our land through our close relationships to local businesses.

From woodworkers, master upholsters, designers, and component manufacturers it’s not a coincidence that some of the most well known realities in the world of upholstery are found in Forlì.

From the very beginning, Gorini has paid curious attention to the evolution of local industry. By forming close ties with suppliers over time, Gorini become true partners in the ideation and manufacturing of timeless sofas.



The concept of “made in Italy” is one that used and abused by many. Craftsmanship and and entrepreneurship are found deep within the genetic makeup of our nation, so much so that these qualities can almost be found within all of us. For this reason Gorini Divani — ever since its inception over 30 years ago as the brainchild of Davide Gorini — has chosen to go above and beyond, never settling.


Gorini Divani’s is a narrative path, before a mission. Every product conceived in our ateliers sinks its hands into a project, an idea, a story of which it stands as a narrator in the first person. Similarly, the entire company – a heritage of people, culture, technique and knowledge – becomes in its own small way a spokesperson for “done well” and “well done!” A singular binomial aimed at emphasizing the goodness of local craftsmanship and the lightness that only a high-quality product can assure our customers.