How to clean and care for leather furniture.

Leather requires careful cleaning and maintenance.

So here a few tips to take care of your leather sofa.

1) In order to avoid colour variations, do not expose the sofa to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

2) In order to maintain the surface properties of the leather, always keep your upholstered furniture at least 30 cm away from all heat sources.

3) Do not use chemical home cleaning products on your sofa.

4) Do not use steam cleaners on the leather.

5) In order to maintain the appearance and texture of the surface, delicately dust your Gorini sofa once a week using a clean dry cloth.

6) Leather is not resistant to pets. Their nails can scratch the leather, resulting in costly repairs. Their saliva is acidic and may attack the leather’s finish.

Last but not least: sheets of fabric and any protections placed over the sofa can cause the leather to wear quickly and could ruin the colour of the top layer